Entry #1

First Time

2009-08-04 21:58:37 by SlimK

So yeah, this is my first news post on NG. I'm B, and I've begun to get serious with rap, and I am actually recording tracks and my first mixtape is on it's way. It will be called The Lyrical Warrior. So yeah, hello to all those who may in fact read this, and I'm getting on tracks with war-spawn and Monk to start up here.


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2009-08-19 13:27:47

How dare you mention my name! *mean ass asian anime backhand was given to you face* You have disgraced this family and I banish you from any of my n****r cookouts! That means no KFC Fo YOU!

SlimK responds:


I wanted mah KFC.......


2009-10-14 05:31:44

From what I heard if this is your best you have alot of work do, keep at it. Tell Monk I say what up son -Bows to Monk- Good looking out God come clean come correct drop the science. Lets see what else you can bring to the R.A.P game.


2009-12-14 12:16:36

good rapping bman, but mumblepawn likes fat hairyman cream in his mouth huehuehue